My early work was defined and restricted by the pragmatics of making work without a studio, in a home with children. I found myself falling back on skills I had learned in my early twenties at photography evening classes. Photography gave me a quick and space efficient way to start exploring some of my ideas. I have used embroidery and quilting to explore ideas including home, memory and motherhood. Collage and small paintings also provided opportunities to develop my practice. In 2018, I decided to continue earlier work with paint. I was immediately drawn to using simple shapes and boundaries to express memories and feelings. I have found I am trying to explore the hard edge using subtle textures within, often, solid colours. I find the best way to paint is with my hands and fingers, although I will sometimes use a brush. I aspire to prise gut feeling, emotion and memory when mixing and selecting a palette. The paintings take on an almost meditative process for me as the absorption in the colours, textures and hard lines become all consuming.

Instagram @bethjross