Deanna Lewis an abstract painter and within her practice she explores the idea of traces; various intimations that reveal something has been or has happened. To Deanna, a mark provides a narrative, its nature perhaps revealing something about the manner in which it was made. When a trace is created it represents an interaction that there would otherwise be no record of. It is this that drives her to study marks so closely, looking to see what can be derived from their composition. The remains she takes an interest in are found randomly, therefore on many occasions the trace has been made by an unidentified person performing an unidentified action, this anonymity fascinates her. Deanna works primarily with oil paint with the overall aim if drawing attention to the overlooked traces around us. Her working process involves taking these preserved interactions on certain surfaces and recontextualising them in to a studio environment, elevating them on to a gallery wall. This allows the marks to be studied not overlooked.