Dolores Hobby is a Newcastle based artist and 2018 graduate from the University of Brighton, BA Sculpture, and is currently part of the Collective Studio program at The Newbridge Project.

The work explores the use of tools as extensions of the body and the hapticity of sculpture, using fabric as the vital me­dium, a ubiquitous material we spend our lives closely surrounded by. Soft forms shift between 2D and 3D as they are inflated with air, wadding, performers, or the audience themselves. The filling activating the work.

The objects constructed enable and extend the human body through their different functions to protect, lengthen, or carry. Through sculpture and installation fabrics and plastics are utilised and exaggerated in size to elevate them into the gallery space, becoming sculptures with ambiguous functions for the viewers use.

Recent shows include the Bank Studios Group Exhibition at GAS Contemporary, North Shields, [Insert Exhibition Title Here] at XL Gallery, Newcastle, and Scramble at Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough, March 2020.


Instagram @dolores.ramona