Meaghan Stewart (b. 1996) is an interdisciplinary artist working with photo, video and text. She earned a First Class BA Hons from Newcastle University in 2019 and is currently based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. She is a studio holder with The Newbridge Project and was a member of their graduate development programme The Collective Studio (2019/2020).
“Considering the intersection between memory and experience and exploring the threshold between real and virtual; world-building becomes an extension of home-making. Inspired by The Everyday and The Domestic, I aim to understand, rationalise and contextualise the materiality of the realms I familiarise myself with.
Negotiating with memory and space, through collaging, cutting and splicing, I examine the intense overlap and layering of realities experienced that threaten to overwhelm. Moving through liminal spaces, I use texture and sound to elevate and push back against the image.”